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About Us

The environmental testing legacy of quality and service created by US Bio-Systems also known as Genapure, which started in 1995, has been passed on to Florida Testing Services, LLC in 2009. Florida Testing Services also purchased Acura Analytical Services in Atlanta in 2007, KSA Environmental Laboratories in 2008 and Florida Analytical in Lakeland Fl in 2010. Key employees from all entities continue to be a part of our great work force working with one single goal in mind, to be the very Best Labs in Town!

Florida Testing Services (FTS) head quarters located in Boca Raton, Florida, located in a 30,000 State of the art facility. Other premium testing facilities are located in Atlanta, GA and a small Laboratory in Lakeland Florida. In efforts to better service your needs, we have service centers in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and Columbus SC. We also provide analytical services across the Midwest and North East via NELAC certifications. Our Mobile Laboratories cover every corner of Florida, with NELAC certification for volatiles analyses. We partner with other representatives in northern Florida to cover the Florida Panhandle and the greater Jacksonville area. Our fleet of samplers and couriers will accommodate your needs no matter where you are located in the state of Florida. Our commitment is to be a one stop source for all your analytical testing needs. We have subcontracting alliances with various networks across the Laboratory to service your needs whenever, whatever and wherever your projects would may take you. A dedicated project Manager will handle your account and make it all smooth and seamless for you.


Digital Architects of The Environmental Industry

Our core business is managing, delivering and organizing data that allows our clients to make informed decisions on data that is reliable. At Florida Testing Services we have developed a digital infrastructure that allows us to seamlessly integrate the data with our client’s database and data management systems. Our innovative group of skilled personnel in the area of data management, database administration and information management allow Florida Testing Services to become leaders in the digital management of analytical data. We are digitizing the environmental data delivery system through custom electronic data deliverables (EDD) Formats plus all data via PDFs is reported by e-mail. Access your data real time via a direct data link from our Web site to our Data Base; access all reports, COCs, Invoices, EDDs, preliminary data is accessible 24/7.


Turnaround Time

Our Standard Turnaround Time (TAT) is typically 5-7 Days for level II data deliverables and 10 to 14 days for Level III and IV data deliverables, however, our goal is to exceed our client expectations. Florida Testing Services also offers at a surcharge expedited TATs from same day to 24 and 48 hours. Prior notification and approval is recommended for projects requiring an expedited TAT. TATs start upon sample arrival to the Laboratory.


Quality Data Fast and On-Time

Our standard turnaround time is 5-7 business days for most analyses! We are flexible and provide the fastest turnaround necessary to meet our clients’ needs. Expedited TAT is also available. Florida Testing Services offers from a same day TAT up to our standard 5-7day TAT depending upon our client’s need. We understand that time is money and a laboratory can not afford to hold up high impact decisions. We are committed to meeting your turnaround needs. Prior notification and approval is recommended for projects requiring an expedited TAT.


The Right Numbers for Critical Decisions

We get the right answers – a statement supported by our continued success on audit samples, NELAC certification and client audits. We understand that many of the most costly decisions are based on the information we generate. That information is used to answer critical questions that have a direct impact on human health and the environment. We understand the critical nature of meeting your low level limit requires per your QAPP or regulatory guideline programs. Coupled with the high degree of accuracy and precision in our data are a reflection our employees commitment to follow standard operating procedures and a reflection of the high standards of the QA/QC program. In addition, our investment in information technologies and state of the art instrumentation provide the tools the chemists need to be successful in meeting the quality standards set by the industry and the regulatory authorities. We are proud to provide our clients with legally defensible data that stands up to the scrutiny of the most demanding evaluation. With these focus on mind we have invested a small fortune in time and money in developing and customizing a LIMS that will address all your analytical data needs.


 Diagnosing the health of our environment

We all want to work in an industry that does something to better serve humanity. We are proud of all the people who work in the environmental industry including our clients, suppliers and also our colleagues that work in the laboratory industry. We help the engineers, toxicologists, hydrologists, design engineers, environmental health and safety personnel and all other professionals do their job in support of the regulations in place to help protect the planet and humanity. We take our job seriously and we know the meaning of “doing it right the first time” and allowing our customers to make the decisions that impact all of us.


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